August 5, 2008

“Things picked up a bit with Eric Lindsay’s Darkness Made Visible, the premiere of the revised version of this 2003 work. Lindsay, a rising star still in his 20s, wrote the piece to depict the tension between traditional concert hall fare and new works, and the reluctance of orchestra audiences to embrace both. This intriguing premise is played out through an Ivesian clash of competing voices, with tonal traditions shoved out of the way by modern dissonance, then the two forces each growing more assertive and overlapping, building to a chaotic climax, and coalescing a bit more in the work’s second half. The work displays a lot of facility on Lindsay’s part, with convincing historic idioms — a bit of waltz, a bit of Russian grandeur, and so on — mixed with contemporary styles.”

– Benjamin Frandzel, San Francisco Classical Voice