August 5, 2008

“For me, the two highlights were Lindsay’s Darkness Made Visible and the Rouse Concerto for Orchestra. Lindsay’s piece had a novel premise. To quote from the program notes, it is a collision, then merger, of “two opposing musical forces: one angular, aggressive and disjointed; the other conservative, predictable, and harkening back to Lisztian bravura.” The merger phase is particularly interesting as “the tenor of the rest of the piece is shaped by the high-stakes race between which type of music will retain the most identity in the ultimate synthesis.” Three versions of the merger take place; the first two are dominated by one music or the other, while the last achieves a more blended balance. So who has written an orchestral composition about a merger before? The piece is full of life, seriousness, and humor, and accomplishes a great deal in its roughly 10-minute length.”

–Michael Good, Sounds and Schemas