Bloomington, IN - Auer Hall September 26th, 2013 20:00




So I attended a first rehearsal for a new piece of mine, something one doesn’t often have the chance to do (and for good reason, seeing as how hearing the first reading of your piece is an experience akin to putting your infant on the back of a bronco and hoping for the best. Death in some form often follows.) But I’ll tell you this:

David Dzubay + the Indiana University New Music Ensemble = Baller.

Four different implied meters playing at the same time? No problem.

The way that those musicians listen across the ensemble and feed off each other is just outstanding. I dare say I enjoyed myself, and am very excited to hear how it tightens up in the rehearsals to come. “Icarus” will be played by the NME on 9/26 in Auer Hall, 8pm, along with Sebastian Currier’s “bodymusic.”