Filmscore for THE ORDINARY SKIER (2011)

Score for feature film.

Robert Hawes—rock musician, composer and sound engineer—and I teamed up, under the name Neptune’s Broiler, on a number of film scores and other types of projects back in 2004. The collaboration process is hugely rewarding for me, seeing how disparate sources of inspiration can find a shared language and form into something totally unexpected. Add a Director’s vision into the mix and we can end up in some pretty far-flung territory from what you might conceive on your own—but that’s all part of the magic of working in film. Constantine Papanicolaou’s motion picture, The Ordinary Skier, is an assignment that Rob entirely on his own (and got some awards for it, I think), but he and I got to use one track (“When Things…”) that hadn’t found a home in any of our other projects.

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