Brass quintet (9’20”)

Commissioned by the Saratoga Brass Quintet.

Four Left Feet depicts a tale of an older couple, amidst marital disputes, which agrees to go out dancing in an attempt to “rekindle the fire.” However, once on the dance floor, it becomes dreadfully apparent that neither of them can dance very well, although the wife would never admit to her lack of coordination and therefore blames all of their collisions with other couples on her husband’s bumbling feet. Throughout the dance, the wife’s irritation continues to boil—even though her husband is oblivious to her frustration, as he is enjoying himself immensely—until the point comes where the old woman can’t stand their inability to move together and violently throws her husband’s clumsy body to the floor, an act foreshadowed by numerous references to the sacrificial dance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.

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