ICARUS (2013)

1111+t. sax-111-2pc+drum set, hp, pn-2111 (15’). For the Indiana University New Music Ensemble. As the story goes, Icarus fashioned his own fall when two goals—flight and hubris—came into conflict. Even though this myth is thousands of years old, there is something about Icarus’ ambitions that feel so modern; today’s age is one of unthinkable change and surprise, of innovations […]

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Oboe, bassoon, horn in f, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, double bass (3’). For members of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. This was a quick piece that I put together when the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra was visiting IU as part of their residency. Seizing an opportunity to work with the members of the orchestra, I put together this […]

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Flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion (10’). Commissioned for the Finale National Composition Contest, a program of the American Composers Forum, with funding provided by MakeMusic, Inc. Premiered by eighth blackbird. I had the privilege to live in downtown Chicago for the month of July, 2011. My stay there was filled with daily walks […]

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Bb clarinet, horn in f, violin, cello, piano and percussion (7’). Before its more modern usage as “illustration facing the first page of a book,” the word frontispiece (from the late Latin frontispicium) originally meant “judgment of character through interpretation of facial features.” I have an image in my mind of what the old treatises […]

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Filmscore for THE ORDINARY SKIER (2011)

Score for feature film. Robert Hawes—rock musician, composer and sound engineer—and I teamed up, under the name Neptune’s Broiler, on a number of film scores and other types of projects back in 2004. The collaboration process is hugely rewarding for me, seeing how disparate sources of inspiration can find a shared language and form into […]

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String quintet, prepared piano, percussion, live electronics and projections (25’). Commissioned by the Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation in the Library of Congress. Premiered by the ADORNO Ensemble. In So I Want To…, a repeated strain of music is heard at the beginning of the piece—an amalgam of disparate aesthetics—one that is somehow both static and continuously permutating as […]

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PIANO (2010)

Mezzo soprano and sinfonietta (8’) on text by D.H. Lawrence. Commissioned by the Georgina Joshi Foundation.   Piano (1918) Softly, in the dusk, a woman is singing to me; Taking me back down the vista of years, till I see A child sitting under the piano, in the boom of the tingling strings And pressing the […]

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Singer/speaker and interactive electronics (MAX/MSP) (5’). I envision this piece as somewhat of a cabaret for insane people. The performance goes like this: using a type of animation algorithm in MAX/MSP called biroids, I manipulate the appearance of an animated visualization which, in turn, alters the playback speed, filtering, and a number of other variables […]

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C trumpet (and sleigh bells) and boy soprano (and bodhran) (6’). For Eddie Ludema and Ben Johnston. from the Hávamál Våkne tidlig hvis du vil annen manns liv eller land. Ingen lam for lat ulv. Ingen kamp er vunnet i sengen     Wake early if you want another man’s life or land. No lamb for […]

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Live electronics (MAX/MSP interacting with LilyPad Arduino eTextiles) and dancers (6’).  For Utam Moses. The Space Between Us is a collaborative electronic music + modern dance piece for computationally enhanced dancers and MAX/MSP, a programming language for interactive music and multimedia. The dancers’ costumes are augmented a wearable microcomputer (LilyPad Arduino), a wireless transmitter, and […]

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Inquiries and Commissions

  • Bloomington, IN

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  • Retrograde


    New Voices Opera gave the premiere of “Cosmic Ray and the Amazing Chris” at the Waldron Arts Center and I couldn’t be happier with the performances. Huge kudos to the artistic team, leads, chorus and orchestra. This was truly an event I’ll never forget!

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  • COSMIC Asst Conductor Hallie


    04/25/14 The thought that you’d compose something that other people will a) memorize, b) dramatize, and c) further enhance with costumes, lighting, stage effects, choreography, blocking, etc. is jaw-dropping really. “Cosmic Ray and the Amazing Chris” premieres next week and rehearsals are sounding really, really awesome. Catch the interview with George Walker on WFIU on […]

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  • Piano


    9/6/2013 So I attended a first rehearsal for a new piece of mine, something one doesn’t often have the chance to do (and for good reason, seeing as how hearing the first reading of your piece is an experience akin to putting your infant on the back of a bronco and hoping for the best. […]

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