Filmscore for CARBON NATION (2010)

Score for motion picture (90′). For this documentary–directed by Peter Byck–Robert (Hawes) and I were tasked to score a series of short animated videos. The visual and narrative style of the vids reminded me of the old Warner Brothers cartoons; as those Carl Stalling scores were an early source of musical inspiration for me, I […]

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ICHABOD (2009)

Amplified flute, oboe, clarinet and piano with electronics and dancers (5’). This musical setting is one depicting the chase of the modern Ichabod by Fear both imagined and real. Musically highlighting the phantasmagoric nature of the story, three live instruments (each personifying emotions of our central character) are amplified, becoming disembodied and projected into different […]

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Full orchestra (6’) Sambas Riscados (“Scratched Sambas” in Portuguese) is a brief, high-energy work in four sections that imagines a samba performance of dancers whose left legs are four inches longer than their right. Reflecting the disproportionately heavy thump of every other dance step and the slightly diagonal swiveling of hips, the music comes in […]

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Filmscore for ATLANTIS: LEGEND (2009)

Score for videogame trailer  (6′). This was one of those situations where my wife’s work in the intersection of arts and technology puts me in contact someone who finds the idea that I compose music particularly interesting. In this case, one of her work colleagues created a videogame that needed music for a trailer. I […]

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THE ONE BEST SYSTEM (2007, rev. 2008)

C/alto flute, Bb/bass clarinet, cello and piano (13’). Commissioned by the San Francisco Chamber Winds Festival for Chamber Mix. Taking its cue from the corporate world’s perpetual search to streamline, optimize and simplify, The One Best System is based on a rhythmic motive that, with repetition, progressively drops “extraneous” notes until, having run out of notes […]

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DARKNESS MADE VISIBLE (2003, rev. 2008)

Full orchestra (9’20”) In some regards, Darkness Made Visible is a work of fusion, one that exploits the concept of counterplay between two disparate styles: one angular, frenetic, and explosive, the other conservative, predictable in its construction and harkening back to a Romantic bravura. In another sense, the piece is the composer’s madcap stylistic journey […]

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Filmscore for TWO MILLION MINUTES (2008)

Score for motion picture (95’). This documentary, directed by Chad Heeter, focused on the educational systems in China, India and the United States, taking Rob (Hawes) and I to move fluidly across the folk and popular styles of each region. Having completed Monsoon (2006) recently and given the fact that Rob and I each had […]

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Soprano, violin and viola on text by Lloyd Von Brunt (5’30”). For Meghan Dewald, Liana Gourdjia and Rose Armbrust. China Blue Clouds like bruises bloom on the sea at Montauk. Today was china blue. Clouds became the sand between our toes.   We stared, our lives like the days of wasps without a nest. We […]

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Filmscore for SOMEWHERE IN THE CITY (2007)

Score for short film (16’). Rob and I treated the score to Ramsey Denison’s short film about homelessness and redemption as a chamber trio piece for electric guitar, cello and wurlitzer, bringing our favorite session cellist, Jeffrey White, to jam with us. What resulted was a marvelously interactive way of idea generation and a sensitively […]

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String quartet (10’). Commissioned by the Del Sol String Quartet. “THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!” “Nyannyannyannyannyannyan…” “OH HAI. I eated ur cakez” “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” “O RLY?/YA RLY/NO WAI!!!” Those unfamiliar with any of the above phrases might be led to believe that I’m quoting a message thread on my teenage cousin’s Facebook wall. […]

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  • Retrograde


    New Voices Opera gave the premiere of “Cosmic Ray and the Amazing Chris” at the Waldron Arts Center and I couldn’t be happier with the performances. Huge kudos to the artistic team, leads, chorus and orchestra. This was truly an event I’ll never forget!

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  • COSMIC Asst Conductor Hallie


    04/25/14 The thought that you’d compose something that other people will a) memorize, b) dramatize, and c) further enhance with costumes, lighting, stage effects, choreography, blocking, etc. is jaw-dropping really. “Cosmic Ray and the Amazing Chris” premieres next week and rehearsals are sounding really, really awesome. Catch the interview with George Walker on WFIU on […]

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  • Piano


    9/6/2013 So I attended a first rehearsal for a new piece of mine, something one doesn’t often have the chance to do (and for good reason, seeing as how hearing the first reading of your piece is an experience akin to putting your infant on the back of a bronco and hoping for the best. […]

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