Main Credits for BAKERSFIELD NINJAS (2006)

Television show main credits theme. Bakersfield Ninjas was a web-comedy series made by the same team that brought Bus Pirates into the world. Rob (Hawes) and I toyed with a few ideas about how to musically augment the subject matter, ultimately opting for a 1970′s “Shanghai Shaft” kind of approach.

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Filmscore for MONSOON (2006)

Score for short film (21′). Shyam Balse’s ravishing, award-winning short film about a prodigal Indian son who returns from California to help is ailing father required Rob (Hawes) and I to produce an East-Meets-West score, with lots of Indian pop and folk styles thrown in the mix, as well as the opportunity to record with […]

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Filmscore for EVEN MONEY (2006)

Score for short film (16’). Rob (Hawes) and I got a chance to get our country western on for Joseph Itaya’s wonderful short film, Even Money–a film about family, deception and gambling set in the California desert.

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Wind ensemble (9’). Commissioned by Society of Composers, Inc (SCI) and ASCAP Coronary Dance of the Destructive Sense depicts a tale of an older couple, amidst marital disputes, which agrees to go out dancing in an attempt to “rekindle the fire.” However, once on the dance floor, it becomes dreadfully apparent that neither of them can […]

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SSAATTBB a cappella (10’). Commissioned by Volti.  Sound Explanations, composed as part of Volti Chamber Singers’ Choral Arts Laboratory, is a simulated playing experience of the first edition of MONOPOLY®, aimed to capture not only the excitement, cunning, and glee that we associate with playing a game, but also a part of the experience of life […]

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Solo piano (20’). The Five Piano Etudes after J.S. Bach explore the music of Bach and its myriad influences on the music of the subsequent three centuries. Each etude draws from a different set of musical elements—such as form, texture, even the function of spirituality in Bach’s music and its latter-day emanations—illustrating and imitating the […]

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Filmscore for FEEDING GROUNDS (2005)

Score for motion picture (82’00″). Rob (Hawes) and I did the score–as well as some audio work, which was a cray assignment–to a horror motion picture directed by Junior Bonner. Rob and I got a chance to rock the guitar and wurli in a few choice scenes, as well as create scary tracks that would spook […]

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Filmscore for CONVINCING BENNY (2005)

Score for short film (15′). In one of our first projects under the moniker, Neptune’s Broiler, Rob (Hawes) and I composed the score for a short comedy by director, Bill Hooper. Though I tend to incorporate some understated humor in my portfolio, this was the first experience I had with trying to support comedic scenarios […]

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AgitPOP! (2004)

String quartet (15’). String quartet in three movements that follow a handful of musical materials as they move chronologically through three distinct styles: the Haydn-modeled textures of “I. Unhistorical Events,” the French Impressionistic melodic shape and ornamentation of “II. Appolinaire,” and the diatonic subsets and compulsively syncopated passages that comprise the final movement, “III. Sprung […]

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Coloratura, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, banjo, guitar, percussion, piano, viola and cello on texts arranged from traditional nursery rhymes (30’). For Marcy Richardson. The Real Mother Goose for coloratura soprano and ten instruments deconstructs the texts of the English nursery rhyme tradition with an engaging theatricality. But beneath the surface is a seriousness of purpose—the […]

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Inquiries and Commissions

  • Bloomington, IN

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  • Retrograde


    New Voices Opera gave the premiere of “Cosmic Ray and the Amazing Chris” at the Waldron Arts Center and I couldn’t be happier with the performances. Huge kudos to the artistic team, leads, chorus and orchestra. This was truly an event I’ll never forget!

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  • COSMIC Asst Conductor Hallie


    04/25/14 The thought that you’d compose something that other people will a) memorize, b) dramatize, and c) further enhance with costumes, lighting, stage effects, choreography, blocking, etc. is jaw-dropping really. “Cosmic Ray and the Amazing Chris” premieres next week and rehearsals are sounding really, really awesome. Catch the interview with George Walker on WFIU on […]

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  • Piano


    9/6/2013 So I attended a first rehearsal for a new piece of mine, something one doesn’t often have the chance to do (and for good reason, seeing as how hearing the first reading of your piece is an experience akin to putting your infant on the back of a bronco and hoping for the best. […]

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