Soprano, mezzo and piano on text by Jeff Solomon (5’30”). “Your Capitalist, Imperialist Love” is the fruit of the labor put forth with poet/fiction writer Jeff Solomon. The initial meeting for the collaboration took place in my apartment in late March 2003, not only an exciting time for college basketball but also the beginning of […]

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VAIVÉN (2002)

Tenor, alto flute, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello and double bass on texts by Octavio Paz (17’30”). The poetry of Octavio Paz—the richness of its imagery, thickness of its blood and vivid paintings of the surreal–is something that I find myself continuously drawn to. Vaiven, from his collection Salamander, appealed to […]

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TWITCH (2000)

Solo oboe (8′) Twitch is an unaccompanied solo work for oboe in three short movements: I. Twitch—II. Multiphon (Sehr Langsam)—III. Fugue.

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Brass quintet (9’20”) Commissioned by the Saratoga Brass Quintet. Four Left Feet depicts a tale of an older couple, amidst marital disputes, which agrees to go out dancing in an attempt to “rekindle the fire.” However, once on the dance floor, it becomes dreadfully apparent that neither of them can dance very well, although the […]

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Inquiries and Commissions

  • Bloomington, IN

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  • Retrograde


    New Voices Opera gave the premiere of “Cosmic Ray and the Amazing Chris” at the Waldron Arts Center and I couldn’t be happier with the performances. Huge kudos to the artistic team, leads, chorus and orchestra. This was truly an event I’ll never forget!

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  • COSMIC Asst Conductor Hallie


    04/25/14 The thought that you’d compose something that other people will a) memorize, b) dramatize, and c) further enhance with costumes, lighting, stage effects, choreography, blocking, etc. is jaw-dropping really. “Cosmic Ray and the Amazing Chris” premieres next week and rehearsals are sounding really, really awesome. Catch the interview with George Walker on WFIU on […]

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  • Piano


    9/6/2013 So I attended a first rehearsal for a new piece of mine, something one doesn’t often have the chance to do (and for good reason, seeing as how hearing the first reading of your piece is an experience akin to putting your infant on the back of a bronco and hoping for the best. […]

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