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Soprano, mezzo and piano on text by Jeff Solomon (5’30”). “Your Capitalist, Imperialist Love” is the fruit of the labor put forth with poet/fiction writer Jeff Solomon. The initial meeting for the collaboration took place in my apartment in late March 2003, not only an exciting time for college basketball but also the beginning of […]

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TWITCH (2000)

Solo oboe (8′) Twitch is an unaccompanied solo work for oboe in three short movements: I. Twitch—II. Multiphon (Sehr Langsam)—III. Fugue.

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Brass quintet (9’20”) Commissioned by the Saratoga Brass Quintet. Four Left Feet depicts a tale of an older couple, amidst marital disputes, which agrees to go out dancing in an attempt to “rekindle the fire.” However, once on the dance floor, it becomes dreadfully apparent that neither of them can dance very well, although the […]

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