Soprano, mezzo and piano on text by Jeff Solomon (5’30”).

“Your Capitalist, Imperialist Love” is the fruit of the labor put forth with poet/fiction writer Jeff Solomon. The initial meeting for the collaboration took place in my apartment in late March 2003, not only an exciting time for college basketball but also the beginning of the war on Iraq. It just so happens that March is also the month where department stores issue their new catalogues for the spring. Regarding the project, Jeff (impressed by all that was “shiny and clean” in my living room) proposed that we write a piece about J. Crew, or something equally bright and new. I, in turn, indicated that I was hoping for something timely, perhaps reflecting the current political climate. The end result is, in the poet’s words, “a duet for enunciating harpies,” one which subtly shifts from references to designer casualwear to military stratagem, beginning as an innocent exchange of praises to an orgiastic climax for those thirsty for some Imperialist domination.